Every DOGPOP and Puppies for Breakfast Dog Festival event works to raise funds to benefit local dog rescue.  In addition to doing our own dog rescue and feeding events, we have relationships with many dog rescues in the city and we donate to them as needed.  Your donations will help as follows:

    1.  Fund local do feeding events sponsored by Neue Creative called Bike + Dog, which involves feeding homeless animals in the inner city on bicycles.
    2. Provide funds to help local rescues as needed. Dogs are being rescued and taken in daily and by the minute and your donations would help provide funding to specific needs that arise.
    3. Help individuals who volunteer to foster as needed (provide dog bedding, toys, meds, etc)If you are unable to attend the DogPop event, you can donate to the cause by clicking on the button below.

If you’d like to donate to this cause we sure could use more help.  Because our dog festivals only take place a few times per year, we are relying on online donations and GoFundme support as projects arise.  Thank you in advance for your donation!


So many dogs live 24/7 tied up to a tree or dog house and many times the solution to provide freedom is building a fence or dog run.  Most of the dogs that you see tied up like this are in low income areas of the city where owners can’t afford to fence off their yard or provide a dog-run for their pets.

Our Fence Building Project helps solve this problem and helps give these dogs freedom that they probably never thought was possible.  Through donations and volunteer building, we can help so many animals get off those chains.  Our most recent project provided freedom for a small pit and her sister.  We also provided two new dog houses that were designed by Modular Dog.

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